Student’s name Institution affiliation Network Risk Assessment “A computer’s network devices are the units that exchange data to a computer network. The units are sometimes referred to as network equipment. There are several tools that constitute the network devices” (Easttom, 2006). The hub connects computers together in a star network. A repeater is another tool that receives signals and transmits it at a higher or stronger power so that the signal can cover wider range.

Risks associated with web servers

Risks associated with web servers Student’s name Institutional affiliation “Apache HTTP Server, also known as Apache is the most used web server software in the world” (Larson & Stephens, 2000). Apache is credited with playing a key role in the growth and development of the World Wide Web and has remained popular since April 1996. In 2009, it was named the first web server to serve over 100 million websites.

Security Hacking or Data Breach

Security Hacking or Data Breach Student’s name Institution affiliation   Hacking is an illegal process of accessing data and information of a person or a company. A hacker, the person who is involved in such activities, can use different techniques in combination to bypass the security of the data. “The hacking process is not a one-step procedure. Rarely, a hacker will get online and use one method to have the full control of a remote computer. The paper discusses the different methods and techniques that hacker use to breach security imposed by computer” (Spivey, 2007).

Making a DSM-5 Diagnosis

Making a DSM-5 Diagnosis Student's Name Institution Tutor Date Making a DSM-5 Diagnosis Skillful medical diagnosis is a vital part of the clinical evaluation and appraisal process. The DSM-5 is the newest diagnostic approach, presenting a one-axis approach unlike its predecessor, which had a multiaxial approach. First published in 2013, the DSM-5 approach attempts to unify the diagnostic as well as the billing methods between psychological and medical professionals (American Psychiatric Association, 2013). This paper reviews the medical intake report of a client; Ricardo to come up with a DSM-5 diagnosis of the same client.


Business Name: Professor: Institution: Course: Date: How has Solectron 's value to its customers evolved over time? Solectron’s value to its clients has evolved over time through the acquisition of client manufacturing facilities that has enabled the firm to gain long-term contracts from clients. The electronic business has contributed to the success of their implemented strategy of attaining increased resource utilization. The firm focuses on management techniques that sought to avert the development of challenges. The firm has added more clients and taken business from existing clients. Thus, Solectron is stronger than their customers in negotiating with suppliers. Lastly, offering of clients with access to critical information through the web has enabled extranet meant to reduce the bull whip effect, i.e. from contract to global perspective.