Dissociative Identity Disorder

Since Debbie Nathan’s is the author of the book ‘Sybil Exposed: The Extraordinary Story Behind the Famous Multiple Personality Case’. The main reason for focusing on multiple personality disorders because one of the psychiatric patient of 90’s who suffered from the disorder. Shirley was her real name, and she had multiple personality disorders because she might have suffered abuse in her childhood from her mother. At some point, the claims were not proved, but the same time her behavior was suspicious which claim that she was ‘multiple.’ Currently, this disorder is named as Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), which refers to the psychiatrist disorder when a persona suffers from two distinct personalities within him.

There is not one particular reason behind the cause of mental disorder. Research indicates mental trauma can be the main reason that creates distinct personalities that control persona’s memory, behavior or actions. Particularly, the therapist tries to do an assessment of the patients to understand their condition. Whereas, counseling is widely supported by research to help patients overcome their fear. I believe, DID is not only psychological disorder but physical order as well. When patients try to split up his personality into others, the body action and behavior also splits not only mentally.

During the conversation, A professor of Psychology at Towson University named as Mr. Brand somehow refers to the dissociative disorders as a reason for post-traumatic stress. When people suffer mental stress, they are likely to need constant attention and treatment to read with the DID. However, the American Psychological Association held a conference, in which it was stated that preliminary research on DID is required for PTSD because patients with stress have the high level of chances to develop dissociation. Therefore, trauma samples of different patients should be treated accordingly and assess the degree of dissociation from their behavior.

On the contrary, the Sybil novel that is later on re-written with a little direction caught numerous of readers’ attention and millions of copies sold within a short span of time. Most of the readers claim as a fraud because it is still unbelievable for people to accept the condition of DID and sounds non-fictional stories. The conversation is certainly evolving on the story of the Shirley, how the writers were adopting the factual data of the case. It was noticed from research, at some point the story was imaginary, and few facts were negative to cover the personal profile of the real victim. The psychologist whose job is to study the mental level of humans, all recommend a counseling therapy is effective.

At the same time, counseling therapy is effective when patient’s condition is not worse where they don’t understand anything that is discussed between a counselor and patient. From an analysis of the conversation, it was mentioned the author of the new Sybil book somehow criticized the psychology treatment such as electroshock and chemical shock of mental disorders. The story of Sybil is fictional, but most of the point it sounded to make an accusation create a thrill and interesting story. I opposed from research that the story of Sybil is still not proved to be true that the victim was suffering from DID or not. Whereas, the measures of DID is completely imaginative of the patient that absorbs the different level of dreams and reality that are afflicted with each other.

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