My fresh and precise review on MyMathDone website – give it a look! is a homework completion service that has been in this business since 2013. Although the location of this company is not exactly known, it seems like its services are mainly for the English-speaking students from both graduate and undergraduate levels.

So, taking into consideration the feedback that came from customers who tried this service, let’s find out what this review has prepared for My Math Done.

By browsing on, you can stumble upon plenty of interesting information and testimonials that are posted here. However, if you search for reviews of MyMathDone on the Internet, you will find very different opinions than what you will find on the website.

The Services

Although it mainly focuses on math, programming, and science, this is not all that My Math Done has to offer. You can also order academic services and products for graduate or undergraduate levels such as dissertations, reviews, case studies, essays or theses.

So, if you are asking me, this sounds pretty good, but does this company really has what it takes to complete all these tasks?

The Quality of the Products

If you read most of the My Math Done reviews written by students who ordered from this company, or check out reviews from specialized websites, you will immediately find out that the feedback is mixed. If the students who asked for help regarding their math homework were satisfied with the service, the upper-level students were not.

Some of them even stated that they didn’t receive what they ordered.  Those who asked for essays were even more furious about the results because of the poor quality of writing and lots of grammar as well as structural errors.

The samples that are published on the site are not that great either. It’s quite disturbing when you see so many grammatical errors in a sample that is meant to make you want to order from this company.

Therefore, this makes me believe that the authors don’t know exactly what they are writing about. Also, I would think twice before ordering something other than math assignments from them.

What about the Prices?

In terms of prices, is quite reasonable compared to other writing services of its kind. If you order an undergraduate essay within a 14-day deadline, then the price for this will be somewhere at $20 per page.

However, this is the lowest level, so if you want to order something for a higher level, then the prices may rise up to $45 per page. There are 3 options regarding the quality of the level, with the standard one being $153 with a deadline of 7 days.

If you are a new customer, then you will get a discount of 20% and My Math Done coupon codes. After that, you will still have the possibility to benefit from discounts between 5% and 15% depending on how many pages you have ordered.

Moreover, if you sign up for the newsletter of this company, you may receive a promo code from time to time in order to get additional discounts.

Customer Reviews

As I already mentioned earlier, the feedback depends on the level of the students. appears to usually be a good solution if you need help with mathematics, but nothing more.

However, not even the math services are 100% qualitative, with a student stating that she paid $180 for 4 pages only to receive bad calculations in the end.


In conclusion, although this company offers many services, it doesn’t seem like a great choice if you are past the undergraduate level. Consequently, the rating for this one is bad.

So, if you need upper-level products, then you may want to look for other company that can provide you with better quality services than this one.

MyMathDone Review

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