Can You Beat

The amount of information on the Internet has made writing academic papers a piece of cake. You can instantly find the references you need for a research paper, for instance. But it’s not only the writing that has been largely facilitated: it’s easier to plagiarize nowadays.

Many students are wondering how to plagiarize without getting caught by Turnitin. In order to learn how to cheat Turnitin, we must first see what it is.

What Does Do? is an online anti-plagiarism software. Ever asked yourself how your professors can tell when you’ve plagiarized? They use this software or another that is similar to it.

The process is fairly easy: the document is uploaded, the software scans it and returns the percentage of text that has been found elsewhere. is pretty spot-on, so the plagiarism percentage is precise. That can be a damnation for some students that want to get away with it.


Can You Beat

As fast as the software became a thing and a trend in the academia, students brainstormed for solutions on how to beat turnitin. The opinions are, however, divided: some say it can be beaten, some other ones say that it cannot. There are good arguments on both sides.


There are some things one can do to make sure that fails at doing what it does.

  1. Messing with the structure of the original document

If you’ve plagiarized, change the order of the sentences. They must make sense, though. Do that whenever you have the opportunity. The software won’t be able to tell that the text has been plagiarized, since the original text will be broken and re-stitched.


  1. Changing the words

Rewriting is one of the most effective tools you have in going head to head with the plagiarism detector. Open a thesaurus and rewrite everything in your own words. Use tons of synonyms to keep the text in the same lines it was in its original form. Don’t use overly-sophisticated words, especially when your writing skills are a little rusty.  


  1. Make friends with paper writing services

Buying your paper is the safest way of getting out of a chore without jinxing it with plagiarism. There are hundreds of companies all over the Internet, just waiting for you to contact them. You won’t get a plagiarized paper, but an entirely original one.

Start by doing some research, in order to see which those rated academic writing services are. You’ll be paying some money, but it’s totally worth it. The paper is going to be written fast and professionally, so you can get it in a few hours.


  1. Alter the macros in the documents

You can add “~” after some of the vowels in the paragraphs you’ve – let’s put it elegantly – “paraphrased entirely.” The software on won’t be able to see the text as being plagiarized because the program will screen it.


  1. Add some pictures of the text instead of the actual text

Even though those pictures will still contain text, Turnitin won’t see it as such. It’s going to blow past it because it cannot read that format.

Try all these methods out and see which works for you. Getting your papers from an online writing company is by far your best option. If none are tempting enough for you, you can always work on your writing skills.

Practice it even when you might not have an assignment. You’ll definitely get better with time. And if you plagiarize, try to do it smartly. Change every word you can, their order, break down sentences, etc.